Chateau Cuir – Sex in leather

Check this amazing latest chateau cuir scene starring crazy Lizz who found herself a fresh cock for riding. The mean British mistress will show us a little about her skills, proving us about her fucking moves, which are simply amazing, by the way and she will have her leather outfit on for your viewing delight. The brunette had this cock craving and she satisfied herself, for sure. Picking up one horny dude for riding his tool wasn’t that hard, but we should simply watch her performing.

She was simply all over him as the camera started to roll. She got him in the mood by kissing him and touching him all over, than the mean mistress got him eating her pussy and licking her leather outfit. She loves having them doing what she sais and the control freak will do whatever to make them her slaves. Anyway, this time was no exception, the brunette riding his cock only after she got her pussy washed. The poor guy had to lick her all over and that made her pretty horny and ready for the next level. I told you she was a freak. So there she is, hoping on top and riding that cock, her soaking wet cunt being finally stuffed. She ain’t gonna stop until she reaches the orgasm, then she will bend for some doggy fucking. The crazy stud load his nasty jizz all over her leather skirt. Incredibly hot moment. Do not miss it.


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Male Sex Slave

We are back and another two crazy mistresses enjoyed some time with their slave and we caught the three one our cameras for your viewing delight. The leather loving babes will spank their  slave on camera, then will get him licking them all over, washing their leather outfit, boots and pussy. After spanking him all over and getting him butt naked, that stud fucked their holes for your viewing delight. Just make sure you are comfortable and enjoy the three having some wonderful time on our cameras.

There is nothing better than sitting back and watching two crazy mistresses spanking their slave, wearing some hot chateau cuir outfits. The babes are gonna have their lace panties at the sight as those tight skirts are going up. Watch the two getting him licking their boots and leather skirts and also teasing him by putting their pussies on his mouth. Just watch them enjoying some hardcore penetration after all that teasing as that slave will shove his fat cock deep inside their cunts. He will get his hard met washed by the hungry mistresses, then he’ll fuck the two little sluts for our viewing delight. Pulling aside those tiny panties, the stud will go balls deep inside them, making them moaning and also getting their holes blown out. If this wasn’t convincing enough for you, just hit the link bellow and see exactly what I’m talking about. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy, you little perverts and be here next week for fresh content!


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Chateau Cuir – Loads Of Cum

Another great week has passed and here we are with another chateau cuir scene for you. Like always, only the hottest one are gonna be on your screens as we picked the most incredible ones for your entertaining. The brunette over here found herself two hard cock for washing them in front of the camera. You already know her as she was around with some other incredible scenes. This time she was in the mood for some cock, but she wanted double dose, so she engage in this amazing threesome with two crazy studs. Watch and drool, everyone!


So Liz will be teamed  by these two men. She was pretty hungry, so she out her leather outfit on and went hunting. Finding two dudes who are willing to fuck her hard wasn’t to hard. She got them these leather costumes and started the action. Watch the horny mistress taking both cocks into her mouth, trying to suck them good before that double teaming. She is going from one to another, gagging her throat for us and also licking the balls. She loves their taste. Liz also loves dp and tonight will enjoy some. Anyway, she is wearing this corset and her tits and pussy will be exposed in all their glory. The pussy will be fucked, as well while she sucks on the other cock, them she will enjoy a hardcore double penetration. Don’t miss the crazy little stud rubbing the cock with her leather gloves and taking all the jizz all over her face and leather tight skirt for the great ending. Enjoy!

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Leather Threesome

Hello, my little perverts and welcome back! Chateau cuir is ready to entertain once again as we brought these three crazy lesbians which are gonna have some really good time together and we will catch them on our cameras just for you. They are mean mistresses which love trying new things, so they will fuck their holes with any toy. This time they found these high heels which allows them to fuck each other with the heel as it has this great shape for that. Just enjoy them.

As you can see, Liz is back and she is ready to prove once again that no one is better than her when it cums to leather sex. The brunette found herself a blonde and a brunette, so the babe enjoy this great lesbian threesome last night. And since they are all willing to experience something different, you will see the horny babes fucking each other with the heels. Yeah, you heard me well, the babes are having these dildo heels which allow them to fuck each other. So you will see them shoving those heels into their ass or licking on it for your viewing delight. Just make sure you are comfortable and watch the crazy lesbians having fun on camera wearing their leather suits and also pleasuring each other’s holes with their heels. That blonde will be the one that get’s fucked the most, so you gotta watch her being held and fucked in the ass with the heel. Enjoy, everyone and be here for fresh content next week.


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Chateau Cuir – Hot Catsuits

Hi there and welcome back! We have for you one great lesbian chateau cuir scene starring two leather lovers who will stretch their holes with one big strap-on. That cat woman will spread her legs for the large tool, riding it for your viewing delight while the other one is enjoying fucking her good on the camera. These crazy pussies will expose their amazing curves covered with those leather suits before starting the real action. They are simply amazing. Just watch!

So one blonde cat woman and her brunette partner which is wearing a hot leather costume, as well, will be your company tonight. The babe are ready to fulfill your every desire, showing you their most intimate parts, revealing the tits and the pussy thro those see-thru pants and riding one fat fake cock just to prove that they are good with hard tools. The blonde is gonna unzip her costume, showing off to the camera her perfectly round tits and those suckable nipples which will make you mouth water, then she will unzip the pants, as well, and that nice hairless pussy will be all over the camera for your viewing delight. We made sure you’ll enjoy every inch of her, so we came out with these amazing close-ups which presents female most intimate parts as they are aroused. On amazing image. Anyway, the blonde will suck on that strap on as she got some deepthroat to prove tonight, then she’ll hop on top and her crazy partner will shove the toy deep inside her cunt, making her moaning for our delight. Do not miss them!


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Chateau Cuir – Horny and Wet

Hi, everyone! Chateau Cuir is back and we brought you this hot blonde who will fuck herself on our cameras. She loves fat tools and this time she will take everything pretty serious, going deep inside and moaning in pleasure while she also talks on the phone. That crazy blonde is wearing a nice leather outfit and will expose it as the cameras start to roll. Just make sure you are ready for this one and grab a seat because something pretty serious will be on your screens in a couple of moments.


As the camera starts to roll, the horny little blond will present her incredible outfit. Moving around and teasing with her corves covered with the black leather outfit, this babe will do exactly the right thing to put you in the mood. She will take the phone to call one of her man as she wants to hear him while she shoves that huge dildo into her juicy pussy. Watch the classy lady pulling down her dress and exposing her tits for you. She will rub them a little before spreading the legs for that big toy. The blonde is pulling up the dress and her hairless cunt will be there without any panties. She loves not wearing them. Anyway, watch her siding the fat toy deep inside while moaning loudly. The naughty mistress will not stop until she orgasm. Watch the great gallery and the entire episode on our website by following the link bellow. Have fun, you little perverts!

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Horny and Sexy

We are back with one incredible Chateau Cuir since Liza is back on screens. The brunette wants to brag a little with her masturbating skills, so she will finger her pussy tonight in this great leather outfit. The brunette wants also to pleasure her pussy with that nice toy, so she’ll shove it into her every eager hole for our viewing delight while looking straight into camera like she is daring you to go and grab her. 

So Liz will start the scene by presenting her amazing outfit. The brunette loves wearing leather, but that is something you already knew. What you did not know is that the brunette looks amazing in this scene and red seems to be her color. The red leather jacket and that red skirt makes her sexier than even. She will simply pull up her red skirt and by pulling aside her black panties, the brunette will have her hairless clit exposed in all it’s glory. Spreading her pussy with one hand, she will slide the dido deep inside it after washing it into her mouth. The brunette goes hard as she prefers it a little more rougher than usual, so is you wanna see how hardcore she can get, just hit that link bellow and enjoy her. She and her dildo are waiting for you there. Leave yourself teased and watch the brunette doing her thing. Also, stay tuned for fresh content!


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Chateau Cuir – Leather Adoration

Good evening, everyone and welcome back. Here we are, like always, with our weekly chateau cuir scenes. The blonde ever here came around just to show us a little about her leather love and the way she satisfies her needs after getting all horny because of that leather. She sure knows how to pleasure her clit, as far as I see and I truly hope you’ll enjoy her performing. This is her debut and she’ll be back for more if her performing will be good enough for that. Just watch and drool!

The kinky blonde has only one way of relaxing: a solo moment with that nice tot and the batteries will be recharged. Watch her putting on that nice leather outfit, her red leather pants, that leather bra and her high heels. She will first present herself, walking around that room and having her flawless body exposed covered in leather. Then she’ll start to touch herself. Her slutty hands will slide inside those pants and the blonde will get wet by rubbing her pussy in front of the camera. Well, that is never enough, right. So she’ll take out her favorite toy – that vibrator – and will start to massage her clit with it. You can guess that she didn’t stopped until her pussy was fully satisfied, moaning loudly for your viewing delight and looking straight to you with that cock-craving look which will make your cock begging you to jerk off on her. Just have fun till next time when we will be back with fresh content!


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Liza Loves Her Strap On

It’s Liza’s time to be the host for tonight’s chateau cuir scene. The brunette will show us once again what true love for leather actually means and how she uses her big strap-on to fuck that poor dude. So, as we’ve promised, we are back with another leather sex scene and I truly hope you will be ready cuz this is a rough one. Just make sure you and your cock are ready and watch those two doing their thing for you.


Liza is exactly the type of chick we love seeing in our scenes. She knows exactly what to do, she is confident and mean with her partners. For that, she has lots of men waiting to try something different with that babe. She will have this dude sucking on her strap-on dildo. That British mistress is showing no mercy for her partners and this time is no exception, the brunette shoving her fake cock down his throat just to teach him a lesson. That brunette will also fuck his fine ass, stretching the tight hole with the dildo he just washed. Both are wearing those leather outfits and will fuck right on that bike. The exact type of action you needed. Watch her getting her strap on sucked, fucking some butthole, as well and also getting fucked. She will suck on the fat cock, as well, grabbing it our of that leather pants and putting it straight between her lips. The mistress have talent. Just watch her on our website. She is waiting for you there with a lot of hot scenes.

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Domme Loves DP

Hello, people! We are back with one fresh chateau cuir scene and this time one horny mistress will enjoy a nice double penetration session session and we caught her on our cameras. These three will show us what rough fucking session actually means. They are having some leather sex and you just got front row seat to their show. An incredible decor with lots of kinky sex tools and two crazy studs fucking one horny mistress for you. What could you ask more? Just watch and drool, you little perverts!

So there she is, satisfied by two crazy studs who will fuck her holes like this is the last day on Earth. The babe always dreamed about this kind of fuck and she just came to the right place. The three will go to that red room where will enjoy their evening together. Watch them wearing some hot leather outfits, leather masks and using all kind of tools to increase the pleasure. I guarantee this is something perfect for watching in a evening like this. Anyway, that mean mistress will start the scene by taking the two cock into her mouth, going from one to another and gagging her tight throat for us. She will wash them well before hoping on top of one of them and stuffing her cunt. That crazy stud will go balls deep inside wearing his cock ring for increasing the pleasure. The other one is gonna spread her buttocks and will shove his fat tool into that tight hole. Enjoy the entire scene back on our website and see how hardcore these three can get!


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