Chateau Cuir – Covered In Spunk

chateau-cuir-covered-in-spunkWow, the chateau cuir newest video is quite amazing, you are going to have a great time watching how this brunette slut will have a blast with her man. She is going to grab his cock and she will start jerking it off with one hand, while with the other one she is going to start fingering her slit. You are about to see something hot, she is going to make this guy so horny that he will cum in a few moments, spreading his entire jizz load all over her leather jacket.

You are going to see how that white creamy cum will be spread all over that black jacket making a very hot contrast. Enjoy watching the next scenes and you are going to be super fired up, when you are going to see that both of these guys got to cum. Stay tuned to see what else happened right next, cause these two are about to have a blast together, trust me. Enjoy each and every single scene of this nasty scene is going to make you go super hard. Have a great time and see you tomorrow with more scenes just like this one. Until tomorrow, you can watch this great hand domination Kriselle scene and see a slutty mistress milking a big cock!

Watch this hottie getting spunk all over her leather jacket!


Chateau Cuir – Black Gloves Handjob

We are back with another hot chateau cuir update for you guys. Today you are in for a treat and it sure going to be an amazing one. These two were in the mood for some fun so they went in the club to find a guy to take home for the night. They of course dressed to impress and went wearing black leather dressed and high heels. Of course they got everyone’s attention and started looking for a nice guy, that they both would like. After a while they noticed this cute guy checking them out so they went straight to him for a chat.

When he heard what they had in plan, he was more than happy to join their little private party so the three of them left the club in a hurry. Once they got home they didn’t waste any time and the girls started undressing each other. In no time they were half naked and making out while massaging their huge juggs. Then they girls started taking turns on sucking and rubbing his hard cock with their black gloves on. I’m sure you guys enjoyed hot babes that have a glove fetish so today you are in for a treat. Don’t miss out these hotties getting fucked and of course covered with creamy loads of cum. Enjoy!


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Chateau Cuir – Leather covered babes

There is no way you won’t love these two hot babes that are having a blast with each other here at chateau cuir. They are both being covered in black leather outfits and they are also wearing some lace stockings that are making them look damn hot. They both got super fired up and horny, so they really wanted to do something about it. And since they got a huge strap-on around, the things got even more hot. See how the blonde attached that huge toy to her body, looking forward to shove it right into her brunette’s wet hole.

And the leather fabric that is covering their bodies it’s just making them feel damn more wet than before. Stay close to see how are they making out, touching each other and stuffing their fingers covered in gloves, between their legs. They adore to rub each other’s pussies with those fingers, getting ready to receive that huge tool right into their muffins. Get ready to see how are they going to fuck each other, to pump that huge strap-on into their holes. See also, for more similar videos that you are going to love!

chateau_cuir_ babes See these two horny babes fucking with a strap-on!


Lesbian lust in black leather

We are back with a hot chateau cuir update for you guys. This time we have these two hotties playing around with each other’s pussy. They went to this party a few month ago and meet there. They got along to well that they continued talking. After getting to know each other better the gals started sharing more intimate things and found out that they both love leather. Neither of them ever tried a girl on girl scene but this was the perfect time to start. So they picked their outfits, of course all leather and they started playing around with their pussies. They took turns on eating each other’s pussy out and after a short time their clothes were all over the floor and they were in bed stuffing each other’s pussy with a dildo. If you liked our horny babes you must visit for more hot chicks in nasty scenes. Enjoy it!


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Fetish Loving Mistresses

Hey guys! We have another hot chateau cuir scene this time with this jock getting his cock jerked off by our three mean mistresses. He heard about this club and always wanted to try out. He thought that he would have three hotties doing everything he wanted. Apparently he misunderstood what mistress really meant. The girls were so happy that they had a new boy toy to fool around with it.

They took him in the basement and after undressing him they put on a leather balaclava and tied his hands. He still didn’t really got the idea but after the girls started playing with his cock, he couldn’t care less what was happening next. You really should check out this amazing update and we’ll see you guys guys next time with more hot scenes. If you want more fetishist babes you should check out Fetish Liza Latex Fuck scene, it’s so hot! Enjoy it and stay tuned!


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Two Sexy Leather Asses

Incredible scenes are about to be all over your camera as we just came with this fresh chateau cuir scene, as we’ve promised. Two horny sluts and one lucky bastard who will have to take care of both of them with on objections. One of them is Liz and she found herself this blonde who also love being on charge while having leather sex. So the two will make that dude licking them all over, then will take turn on riding his throbbing cock. He will obey and that was even more amazing as he was a badass looking stud who listen to some mean mistress. Just incredible!


So Liz seems to handle any situation. You already know how much she loves sex in leather as she proved that so many times on our website. She also loves knowing that you guys enjoy her performing and that will make her even more good at what she is doing. The blonde wasn’t here before, but she confessed that this kind of threesome is her dish and tried it before. That might be the reason her performing was so amazing. Anyway, the two will get their pussies sucked and that lucky bastard will enjoy a double blowing. You will see them sharing that cock, them taking turns on riding it. Some girl-on-girl action, as well, in the beginning, just to get their stud in the mood. Lots of hot position and for the great finale he will spray his cum all over those leather dresses. Enjoy!

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Chateau Cuir – Triple The Spunk

Here we are with our beloved Liz surrounded by two hard cocks. The kinky mistress was hungry for cock and needed that double dose, once again at chateau cuir. She she picked up these crazy studs and got them to her creepy place. She loves being in control and on her territory it’s so much easier. She will be mean, like always and she will also enjoy them both, making sure none of them will feel left aside. Just watch and convince yourself.

As you will see, the mistress will make them her slave during their hot threesome. The brunette prefers it that way and being in front of you with her sexy leather outfit and one whip into her hand will put yourself in a position which makes a little difficult to refuse her. She will have them sucking hard on her nipples, washing her pussy and blowing her clit right before going down on her knees to taste their hard cocks a little. So watch Liz going from one cock to another, then bending for some double penetration. It is the was she prefers. She loves feeling her holes stuffed and her incredible attitude and outfit makes you wanting fucking her as hard as possible. Anyway, after some double teaming and some blowing one the both cocks once again, she will finally bend on that couch just to catch all the cum on her tight leather skirt. An amazing image. Watch and drool, you little perverts! Until then, visit the blog and watch some hot chicks getting sprayed with cum!


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Teases in leather

Hello, you little perverts and welcome back! Weekly chateau cuir update presents another amazing woman who will tease us with her flawless body and that hot leather outfit she takes off for our viewing delight. Watch can be better than a sweet babe taking off the clothes in front of the camera? She will do her best as this is her debut, but that amazing performing made us forgetting about the fact that we are working with a beginner. Anyway, she did great and promised she’ll be back for more is you guys are liking her. In my opinion, there is nothing not to like.

So let’s make ourselves comfortable and let’s watch that beauty stripping for us tonight. You will see her, as the cameras start to roll, walking around and bragging with her ass and long legs, looking straight into your eyes like she is begging you to go and grab her. That will put you in the mood, for sure. Anyway, after that nice presentation, the babe will finally show some skin, taking off her leather top and her sexy bra. A pare of nice round tits with perfectly suckable nipples will make your mouth water. She’ll take off the pants, as well, and her incredible hairless pussy will be exposed in all it’s glory. She wasn’t wearing any panties, if you ask, as she truly believe that it would be such a pity not to feel the leather on her skin. Just hit the link bellow and see exactly what I’m talking about.


Watch here this kinky babe taking off her leather pants!


Strap on Blow

Hello. So tonight’s chateau cuir update made me think about what can be hotter than a beautiful blonde wearing a tight black leather outfit and some red boots which loves recording herself moving around, all sexy and amazing. After watching the entire scene it hit me: a beautiful blonde wearing a tight black leather outfit sucking on a strap on is way much hotter. This is what you gonna enjoy tonight: a sweet blonde blowing on a fat strap on dildo while having her entire body covered with black leather. If this wasn’t convincing enough, just watch and drool.


So there she is, all over that fake cock, gagging her throat on it for our viewing delight. She loves choking on big ones and also loves washing them good before hoping on top of them. That is exactly what she’s gonna do tonight. After presenting her amazing body covered all in leather, the hungry blonde will take the fat tool as she got some deepthroat to prove. She loves that taste on her mouth and also loves loads of cum all over her. She will show us that she definitely knows a couple of things about blowing. She said that a real cock would’ve been better, but the scene came out this way, for unknown reasons. Anyway, I bet you’d love shoving your throbbing tool into that talented hole and you can only imagine going balls deep inside while holding her head with your hands. She would love that, as well. Anyway, let’s cut the chit-chat and let’s see what she is capable of and how hardcore she can get.

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Sophisticated and Sexy

Hi there and welcome! Tonight’s chateau cuir scene presents this horny babe who wants to go on camera while pleasuring herself. But that isn’t something really that out of ordinary. The interesting part is that she got all horny only by wearing her leather and fur outfit. She loves leather and makes her so horny. So she wants to share that with the entire world. It wasn’t hard to convince her to show us a little about her passion as we were very intrigued as she didn’t looked like an ordinary leather lover.

Actually, when we meet her, she wasn’t even wearing leather or fur. She confessed that she is loving so much the leather that she doesn’t wants to make some other people falling in love with her leather outfits. She will also get horny all day long if she would wear that material every day and she needs to work in her best shape, not horny. Anyway, you should get comfortable as some real action is about to begin. The ebony babe started by presenting her outfit and the very next moment she will be with the slutty fingers slid deep inside her cunt while she licks that fur which is making her that horny. Anyway, the sweet babe will have her great body exposed in all it’s glory, presenting her sexy leather dress and making sure we notice that she does not have any panties. She never wears something under the leather. This is another unusual thing she does. So she will finger herself for your viewing delight. Just enjoy!


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